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“Lots and lots of paperwork”

Tue, 03/04/2014 - 11:12

March 4, 2014

Office of the General Assembly

Eva Stimson

Correspondent, Office of the General Assembly


If an immigration reform bill is approved by Congress this year, potentially millions of immigrants soon will be scrambling to meet the requirements for U.S. citizenship. And Dick Aced is determined to be ready to help.

The 73-year-old retiree, a member of Trabuco Presbyterian Church in Orange County, California, is working toward becoming accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) so that he can help immigrants with the paperwork that will put them on the path toward legal residency and ultimately U.S. citizenship.

Self-Development of People announces grant recipients

Tue, 03/04/2014 - 10:00

$149,000 awarded to 9 self-help projects in U.S.

March 4, 2014

Self-Development of People

Margaret Mwale

Associate for Community Relations


The National Committee on the Self-Development of People (SDOP) of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has approved grants totaling $149,400 to 9 self-help projects in the United States. Money for the grants comes from the PC (USA)’s One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) offering. 

Protecting Haiti’s vulnerable children

Tue, 03/04/2014 - 08:00

March 4, 2014

Church World Service

Chris Herlinger and Jasmine Huggins

Church World Service Communications


In the months after the disastrous January 2010 Haiti earthquake, a lot of the Church World Service (CWS) staff started learning about the plight of “restaveks” ― Haitian children and young people working in some type of indentured servitude.

It took a major disaster for them to discover this very sad dynamic in Haitian society ― in a country where half of the country’s population is under the age of 20, tens of thousands are not in school getting an education, but instead working as maids and domestic servants.

What is the Answer to Bad Religion?

Tue, 03/04/2014 - 04:00

March 4, 2014

Westminster John Knox Press

Martin Thielen, the author of the best-selling book What’s the Least I Can Believe and Still Be a Christian, illustrates the dangers of religion that is judgmental, anti-intellectual, and legalistic.

From the Underside

Mon, 03/03/2014 - 13:26

March 3, 2014

Office of the General Assembly

Neal D. Presa

Moderator of the 220th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA


In a few days, we enter the holy season by receiving the cruciform in ashes, “From dust you came, and to dust you shall return.” Those words, the gesture of offering and receiving the sign of the cross on the forehead, and the hushed tones of the gathered assembly lend to the sacred hour we assemble—ushered to remember that we are dust, that God has fashioned us from the earth in our mother’s womb, and we live our days in the presence of our Creator and the Lord Almighty, underneath the shadow of God’s wings. We can sometimes act like we are kings and queens of our respective spheres of influence, lord of our tongues, princes and princesses of our decisions—but there, with the ashes, under the cross, in life and in death we belong to God.

PC(U.S.A.) Daily Prayer app now available for Android

Mon, 03/03/2014 - 10:00

March 3, 2014

Theology, Worship and Education

contact: Jomaris DeJesus


Long anticipated, the Android version of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s highly successful Daily Prayer app is now available.

Trust is a key factor to peace in Colombia, says Jesuit leader

Mon, 03/03/2014 - 09:45

Current peace process ‘cannot be reversed,’ de Roux pleads at D.C. conference

March 3, 2014

Latin America and Caribbean Communication Agency

Amber Waltz

Latin America Working Group


“The mentality has to change in Colombia and in the United States,” a leading Colombian theologian and peace activist told a conference here last week. 

Survey: Americans turn sharply favorable on gay issues

Mon, 03/03/2014 - 09:19

March 3, 2014

Religion News Service

Cathy Lynn Grossman


Americans’ attitudes toward the lives and choices of gays and lesbians have changed radically since Massachusetts first legalized same–sex marriage a decade ago.

A new survey finds a significant shift toward tolerance across every religious, political and age group and every region of the country, said Robert P. Jones, CEO of the Public Religion Research Institute. PRRI's survey, released Feb. 26, reveals the ramifications of these changes in family, church and community life.

PC(USA) leaders briefed in meetings with Syrian, Lebanese partners

Fri, 02/28/2014 - 11:30

Visit to troubled region includes conversation with Bashar al-Assad

February 28, 2014

Worship at Damascus Presbyterian Church Jan. 19. —Courtesy of Amgad Beblawi

Presbyterian News Service

Bethany Daily


While a meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was the most headline-grabbing event of their recent trip to Syria and Lebanon, two leaders in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) said it was the time spent listening to and learning from partners on the ground that was most important.

Board of Pensions names Frank Spencer as president-elect

Fri, 02/28/2014 - 08:01

February 28, 2014

Board of Pensions

contact: Susan Reimann, V.P. Communications and Public Relations



At its meeting today (Feb. 28), the Board of Directors elected Frank Clark Spencer to succeed Robert W. Maggs Jr. as president of The Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Pentecostal groups agree to bridge a century-old racial divide

Fri, 02/28/2014 - 07:00

February 28, 2014

Religion News Service

Adelle M. Banks


After a racial divide that lasted for nearly a century, two denominations, the Assemblies of God and the United Pentecostal Council of the Assemblies of God, have agreed to a new partnership.

El material educativo Participe está ahora disponible en Español y Coreano

Thu, 02/27/2014 - 12:24

February 27, 2014

Congregational Ministries Publishing

Robin Rueff


Desde la popular línea de currículos de Participe, ya está disponible Participe: Evangelio en español y coreano.

태평양 연안에서 화합과 교회론에 대한 대화의 장을 준비한 총회장

Thu, 02/27/2014 - 12:06

3월 12-14일 그리고 3월 17-19일 두 번에 걸친 행사에, 직접 혹은 온라인으로 참여할 수 있다.

February 27, 2014

Office of the General Assembly

Eva Stimson

Correspondent, Office of the General Assembly


그리스인들이 어떻게 인종과 성별 차이에 관해 건설적으로 이야기할 수 있을까? 교회는 변화하고 있는 세계에서 어떻게 담대히 증인이 되라는 부르심을 회복할 수 있을까?

이러한 긴급한 질문들이 미국 장로교 총회장인 닐 프레사가 3월 중순 경에 준비하고, 태평양 연안에 있는 한 대학과 한 신학 대학원이 주최하는 두 행사의 초점이 될 것이다.

“다름과의 화합”(Unity with Difference)에 관하여 총회장이 준비하는 세 번째 대화의 시간은 3월 12-14일 사이에 워싱톤 스포케인에 있는 Whitworth University에서 열릴 것이다. 그 시간에는 “인종, 성별, 종교적 정체성”과 관련된 주제들에 대해 7개의 발제가 있을 것이며, 각 발제 후에는 일정의 토론 시간이 있을 것이다.

Moderador convoca conversaciones acerca la unidad y la eclesiología en la costa

Thu, 02/27/2014 - 12:04

Se anima la participación de los eventos en vivo y en línea desde el 12 hasta el 14 y el 17 hasta el 19 de Marzo

February 27, 2014

Office of the General Assembly

Eva Stimson

Correspondent, Office of the General Assembly


¿Cómo pueden los cristianos hablar constructivamente acerca de las diferencias raciales y de género? ¿Cómo puede la iglesia recuperar su vocación de ser testigo de valentía en un mundo cambiante?

Estas preguntas urgentes serán el enfoque de dos eventos a realizarse a mediados de marzo, organizados por Neal Presa, Moderador de la Asamblea General de la Iglesia Presbiteriana (EE.UU.), y organizada por una universidad y un seminario en la costa oeste.

La tercera conversación del moderador sobre la Unidad con diferencia a realizarse del 12 al 14de marzo, se llevará a cabo en la Universidad de Whitworth en Spokane, Washington. Se contará con siete ponencias sobre temas relacionados con la «Raza, género y las identidades religiosas», cada uno seguido por un período de discusión.

Pastor petitions United Nations: ‘Pray for U.S.’

Thu, 02/27/2014 - 11:00

Rev. Howard Dotson offers a unique invitation at prayer vigil

February 27, 2014

Presbyterian News Service

Jim Nedelka

Special to Presbyterian News Service


If you were planning a prayer vigil for victims of violence — locally, nationally and across the globe — and planning to conduct it at the United Nations’ New York headquarters, it’s almost certain you’d want to use Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd’s sculpture Non Violence, an oversized Colt .357 Magnum handgun with its barrel twisted into a knot, as your backdrop.

NCC joins push to end solitary confinement in prisons

Thu, 02/27/2014 - 09:00

February 27, 2014

National Council of Churches

Philip E. Jenks

National Council of Churches News


The National Council of Churches (NCC) is joining with other member groups of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT) to push for an end to solitary confinement in prisons.

South Sudanese churches ask warring parties to end conflict and build peace

Thu, 02/27/2014 - 07:00

February 27, 2014

world Council of Churches

World Council of Churches Communications


Member churches of the World Council of Churches (WCC) in South Sudan say “we are tired of war,” stressing the urgency to “work for peace and rebuild what has been destroyed.” 

New Presbyterian Youth Book Club study on Divergent

Wed, 02/26/2014 - 12:00

Study aims to help youth explore faith through fiction, fantas

February 26, 2014

Ministries with Youth

Paul Seebeck

Communications Strategist


A new Presbyterian Youth Book Club study on the wildly popular young adult novel Divergent is now available on the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A)’s website

Moderator to convene conversations on unity and ecclesiology on West coast

Wed, 02/26/2014 - 11:38

Live and online participation welcomed at March 12–14 and March 17–19 events

February 26, 2014

Office of the General Assembly

Eva Stimson

Correspondent, Office of the General Assembly


How can Christians talk constructively about racial and gender differences? How can the church recover its calling to witness boldly in a changing world?

These urgent questions will be the focus of two events in mid March organized by Neal Presa, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) General Assembly, and hosted by a college and a seminary on the West coast.

The Moderator’s Third Conversation on Unity with Difference, March 12–14, will take place at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington. It will feature seven presentations on topics related to “Race, Gender, and Religious Identities,” each followed by a period of discussion.

MRTI considers fossil fuel divestment overtures

Wed, 02/26/2014 - 10:30

Urgency of climate change must be met with effective strategy, socially responsible investment group says

February 26, 2014

Presbyterian News Service

Jerry L. Van Marter


The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s Mission Responsibility Through Investment Committee (MRTI) ― charged by the General Assembly to ensure that church investments align with the church’s social and environmental policies ― well knows the threats posed to Planet Earth by the continuing production and use of fossil fuels worldwide.

But the group is clearly troubled by the growing movement in the church ― and by organizations such as 350.org ― to summarily divest from fossil fuel companies without utilizing other corporate engagement strategies that have proved effective over more than 30 years of MRTI activities.


Presbyterian Mission Yearbook

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