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Sewanee Summer Music Festival Concert in Cowan; Wednesday, July 1st, 7:00 p.m. in Cowan

Again Cowan is blessed to have the Sewanee Music Festival come down the mountain for a perfomance right here in town.  It will happen at the Cowan Center for the Arts.

Cowan Library Re-opening Tuesday June 30

This coming Tuesday we will be celebrating the Grand Re-opening of the Cowan Branch Library in its new location in the Cowan Center for the Arts.  The celebration is at 9am.

Covered-dish Dinner on Father's Day, June 21

We'll be eating right after worship on Sunday, June 21.  Bring a dish of your choice and let us enjoy breaking bread together over a yummy summertime meal.

Turnip Greens Comin' In!

The rain and the sunshine have made our turnip greens flourish.  We've been thinning them out some to give the plants room to expand and make turnips.  We opened the garden to the public this week for people to come and help themselves.


Guatemala Pig Project

Garden Report

The gardening team has made plans for this spring's planting.  Our first project is to replant the beds we planted in turnip greens last fall with various spring/summer veggies that people can pick when they are ready.  We have expanded this space to the other side of the sidewalk, and are going to fence it in with a garden fence that can easily be put up and taken down.  The fence is to keep critters out, not people.  We plan to plant sugar snap peas or some other vine veggie on the fence itself.

$1,168 Collected for One Great Hour of Sharing

In the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday we collected money in our little cardboard fish money banks to present as part of our Easter offering to God.  Our fish banks are reminiscent of the times that Jesus told his disciples to feed the thousands of people who had followed him into the back country.  They only had a

Wings Party Saturday, April 11 at Tennessee Prison for Women

We have a team from our church going to Nashville to join the whole team of volunteers meeting at the Tennessee Prision for Women in Nashville to hold a Wings party.  But this is not just any old party.  It is a time of teaching, fellowship, prayer, and celebration of the gospel that uses the Logos model of Christian education.  Logos partie

Spring's a'comin' Coffee House

Next Sunday, March 15, at 6p.m.

Cowan and the Season of Lent and Easter Sunday

The season of Lent in the Christian tradition is a time when the followers of Christ enter into prayer and reflection on what it means to be a disciple - specifically, what it means to be a disciple of the one who embraced the world with such love that he gave his life.  On the one hand, we use these 40 days prior to Easter as a time to give glory to Christ who would make such a sacrifice for the people whom he loved.  People everywhere.  But we are called by our Lord not just to say nice things about Jesus.  We are cal

Thursdays After School Tutoring Has Started

We are delighted to add to our ministries of the Cowan Fellowship Church tutoring for students at Cowan Elementary.  Debbie Skotte, a teacher and member of the church, has arranged for our church to offer tutoring for students on Thursday afternoons from 3:20-4:30pm.  We have a sign-up sheet posted in the fellowship hall fo


Presbyterian Mission Yearbook

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