Are you feeling unappreciated?

I have been preaching about Moses and his relationship with God and with the Israelites. I am finding myself relating to Moses with what is going on in my personal life. Moses puts up with mumbling, groaning, and complaining from the Israelites, while constantly taking up for them, doing for them, leading them, and sacrificing for them. They do not appreciate or even understand how sacrificial his love (or God's love) for them is. They are definitely acting like "children" of Israel. All the while, he continually communicates with God and strengthens that relationship. He realizes that God is the only one that can be trusted. Moses finds himself longing for his time with God and wanting badly to physically see God.

I can understand how Moses must have felt (though not to that degree) about the Israelites. I want to help my child and take up for my child and give her the best chance of living a Godly life. I am doing everything I can to make that happen. All parents know, though, that children believe they know better, don't want to make an effort, want to take the easy way, and take offense to your knowledge. I get angry like Moses did, like God did. I want to be like God when he didn't want to continue the journey with the Israelites. God knows they could not make it without him, and I know the same about my situation. There's a part of me that wants to prove that I am needed and should be respected and that my instruction should be followed. It makes me feel better to read that God wanted to desert his ungrateful people. In the end, God did NOT desert his people. I won't desert my people, but that doesn't mean I don't think about running off by myself to the beach and letting everyone else fend for themselves.

I also find myself, like Moses, wanting to spend more and more time with God. I need that relationship and the strength from someone who knows too well about love and sacrifice and unappreciative people who keep acting childish. It's a lot of comfort to spend time with such an accomplished Father. Who knows better than God what it feels like to be unappreciated?

If you are feeling unappreciated, go to God. He'll understand.

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