Living Sacrifice

This coming Sunday I will be preaching from Romans 12. Paul is writing to the Roman churches about their behavior being too worldly. The world tells us to make money, buy lots of things, have assets, protect our investments, put yourself first, achieve success no matter who you hurt along the way.... We hear this all the time, so it is easy to forget that God wants us to be sacrificial and put others first. Not an easy task! We are so busy protecting ourselves from other people that we HAVE to put ourselves first. We don't trust each other.

How do we break this cycle? Take the first step. Begin putting others before yourself in small ways, whether or not anyone does this for you. Start by praying for others. Pray for God to use you. Look for opportunities to help someone. There are lots of opportunities out there if you look! Instead of having to get the best parking space, let someone else have it. Instead of fussing about waiting in line at the grocery store, let someone go ahead of you. When you see someone trying to get in your lane, wave them in and let them in. Let someone have the last piece of pizza. There are opportunities everywhere and all the time. L

ook for them, and begin your journey of sacrificial love.

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